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These babies were abandoned and left on the street.

Patience Chingore, Mite Partner
Harare, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Orphans Project

This was at Chitungwiza Hospital. We managed to gather up parents with disabled children and we distributed rice and instant porridge for the children.There were disabled children who came with their parents from their own homes outside the hospital and also orphans who reside at the hospital as well. We managed to get some time to chat with the people and they raised up a number of issues affecting them such as the need for wheelchairs, diapers for the children and school fees for those children who attend schools for children with special needs which is very expensive and most Mof them are not going to school because they cannot afford. They were all very grateful to the Children's Mite for their donations and they hope to see the organization back again with more donations. A great thanks to Miss Alice Ndarami of the Mufudzi Wakanaka Trust and Chitungwiza Hospital for making this possible and for assisting with the distribution.—Patience Chingore


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